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It doesn't matter if you're on day 1, or day 1,000...

EVERYONE needs a helping hand sometimes.

You see, we know what it feels like to spend countless hours in the gym wondering why you aren't getting the results you feel like you should have.

The difference between giving up and thriving however, lies in the support, guidance and education you receive to help you accomplish your fitness goals ...

The Strive by KK Fit App gives you exactly that.



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Have a clear goal you want to achieve?

If you know where you want to be, but don't know how to get there then our science-based training programs will show you how to get there! Choose an in App program based on your goal & receive structured purpose-driven workouts, broken down into multiple phases to take your confidence, physique and fitness to new heights.


This program is designed for those who are looking to tighten up their physique while optimizing time within the gym. With a traditional push pull split we will be hitting lower body twice a week, as well as, upper body twice a week.

A fundamental aspect of this program is that we will be focusing on being in a calorie deficit, and incorporating cardio days, and use them as a tool, to optimize weight loss throughout these next six weeks. Throughout this program, we are prioritizing strength within our compound lifts, and utilizing super sets to optimize time within our sessions and to keep our heart rates up.


Our Uni-Lateral 2.0 program is an 8 week, 5 day split traditional push/pull + full lower body day.

With increased exercise selection and volume, this program's unique style ensures challenging and enjoyable training sessions...

Our focus is to continue creating symmetry within your body, continuing to improve muscular imbalances & to build strength.Are you ready to take on this new challenge!?

Your dedication and hard work have brought you this far. Embrace the challenge, stay committed, stay consistent, and let's crush your goals together!


This Full Body quick and effective program targets various muscle groups and provides a quick and effective way to improve strength and endurance through various supersets. This program is for individuals limited on time, those who are looking to get into a good routine and stay on track during the holiday season. Quick and Effective training isn’t easy by any means, be ready to challenge yourself in a new way!


Are you looking to master the basics, feel confident with selective movement patterns, tighten up, and have structure to take the guessing game out of it!? We've got you covered!


This program is built off of personal experience along with proper training programming, incorporating a variety of movement patterns, a variety of rep ranges, and progressing with the movement patterns over the course of the eight weeks. Improving strength, hypertrophy mobility, endurance, and coordination.

This program was created, because taking time off from the gym for was something we weren't accustomed to but slowly learned to be okay in order to give our bodies the rest they needed during a very challenging time in our lives.

Personally, we knew that we had to ease back into lifting, and we could not just jump back into training the same way we left off. Preventing injury, while slowly picking up the intensity has been a key factor for the both of us as we ease back into lifting while avoiding burnout.


Looking to build your base? Let's chat! This program focuses on building a strong foundation with major compound movements while enhancing your overall strength and body composition! 

If you're someone that is new to resistance training and wants to learn the correct movement patterns, while improving overall physiology then this would be a great program for you to start with!

This is a 6 week, full body, strength and hypertrophy program. You will be progressing in your lifts week by week, by increasing the weight, as well as the overall volume of your training to maximize strength gains and lean mass. This will ensure that progressive overload is being applied (a key component to improving strength and gaining muscle mass).

Setting a solid foundation sooner than later will only help you progress in all other areas in your fitness journey! This program targets all major muscle groups in your body.

Expect to gain a significant amount of strength while transforming your body composition with a simplistic style of training!


THIS IS ONE OF MY FAV PROGRAMS TO DATE! This program focuses on improving muscle imbalances and creating stronger symmetry in the body.

Uni-Lateral training should be practiced and focused on more frequently than you my think, therefore the body will continue to move optimally with less risk of injury.

This program will allow you to create a stronger mind and body connection that will help you specifically with targeting a desired muscle group with ease.

This program has amazing training sessions with its own unique style. As you complete this program you will be left feeling empowered and stronger within your key lifts! Creating more confidence, symmetry, strength, and connection as you continue to progress throughout your fitness journey.


On a time crunch but lookin’ for a challenge!? GIRL we got you!

This program is for those who don't have access to a ton of equipment or a gym and need a challenging yet timely workout!

This program builds overall cardiovascular health through full body workouts and high intensity training.

This program will challenge you to hold yourself accountable by making no excuses to get in a killer session!

Don't see a program for your goals here?

If you're an Intermediate to Advanced lifter looking to take your training and nutrition to the next level through cutting, bulking, or building lean muscle, our 12 week premium programs may be something you want to look into!

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See Your Growth In Real Time

REBUILD with our latest app training guide

If you're new to lifting, are out of routine, or have taken a break from the gym - then this guide is for you! Catered to beginner to intermediate level with progressive intensity each week, this is for those who want to get into a good lifting routine and build muscle.This program is built off of personal experience in regards to coming back to the gym with a new and improved perspective, after taking some time off. We’re joining you in building our strength and confidence within ourselves and in the gym, and holding ourselves accountable!

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30+ Physique-Altering Training Guides

Reach your physique & performance goals with the Strive by KK Fit app.

Progressive 6-12 week programs

At Home and Gym options

Beginner, intermediate and advanced programming

Demonstrational and educational videos to help you master form

In-app strength progress tracking

Customised macro tracking based on your body type, activity level, performance and physique goals

Exclusive 'members-only' programs

Library of recipes for all diet types

Favorite your most loved workouts and recipes to access them easily

Begin transformation!

Discover The Perfect Guide For Your Goal

NEW 30-Day Challenges,
Every Month

4 weeks is all it takes to fire up your transformation journey. That's why every month you'll receive NEW exclusive challenges designed to be the building blocks of your long-term transformation journey.

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Train for a purpose

If you know us from our socials, you'll love what we've created! Inside the Strive by KK Fit app you'll have access to every workout guide we've ever written. Full body, glute specific, upper body focused, overall strength, muscle imbalances, you name it. Strive will give you the guidance and tools to ensure you're progressing in the right direction!

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Learn to fuel and nourish
your body

Fuelling your body is a major component in feeling and looking your best! We've included tons of recipes and meals for every diet type, how-to guides, ingredient lists, as well as the macro breakdown for each recipe created. While you can use this to get recipe ideas or follow the exact recipe itself its is there at your fingertips!


Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Having workouts to follow is one thing. Knowing how to integrate fitness with your lifestyle is another. As a THRST App exclusive, you’ll receive access to our knowledge library with members-only content on lifestyle advice, training best practices, form perfection, nutrition and more.

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Does the app work in every country?

Yes it does!

Can I download this on android?

Yes you can. The THRST app is available on iOS and Android devices.

I’m new to the gym, is this for me?

Answer: 100%! Each guide is personalised to YOU. Our app expertly formulates a plan catered to your goals, lifestyle and experience.

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I have been using your app for the last 3 weeks and I absolutely love it! I’ve been following you guys for quite a few years and absolutely adore you both and all your raw inspiring content!
Keep it up girls you’re smashing it and I freaking love you guys so much 🤍


I've grown so accustomed to tracking all my weights, reps and workouts through the notes app on my phone, so this has been a blessing in disguise and has made things so much easier!


I was working out for years and I noticed that my lack of education on nutrition was holding me back from achieving my goals. STRIVE by KK Fit really opened my eyes and helped me understand how a metabolism works and the important role macros play. Kat and Ken share very valuable information for working out and nutrition. That is something that stands out to me, compared to other apps.This app lets you track your weights/reps, which helps to make progress and grow muscle.
Also, I just love the happy energy they spread.


I'm LOVING the app!! I'm following the full body foundation 4 day program and l've enjoyed it so much. Thanks so much for creating such an awesome work out plan that works for my busy life!


I'm LOVING the app!! I'm following the full body foundation 4 day program and l've enjoyed it so much. Thanks so much for creating such an awesome work out plan that works for my busy life!


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