Cutting with KKFIT



12 Weeks
Intermediate/ Advanced
Lose body fat, enhance strength, and achieve your ideal body composition.

Training Split:
  • Lower Push
  • Upper Push
  • Lower Pull
  • Upper Pull
  • Full
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What's included?


12 Weeks of structured, detailed, and programmed training.

Consisting of two 6 week training blocks, with a large variety of rep ranges, to optimize muscle growth most efficiently.

Cardio dosage, types of cardio and cardio routine

Teaching you the value and importance of maintaining strength through a calorie deficit/ cutting phase.

The Importance of Progressive Overload, training intensity and how to apply it.

Proper movement prep/ warmups to perform prior to each training session


What are Macronutrients/ Macronutrient Breakdowns?

Learn about energy balance, and the key factors that go into play when figuring out how many calories you should be eating to lose or gain weight.

How to go about special occasions, nights out and including alcohol in to your diet, while simultaneously reaching your goals.  

Detailed instructions on how to determine, calculate and adjust your own macro nutrients. This will be based on YOUR body type, exercise history, personal food preferences etc.

Learn about the role of taking "diet breaks" during a fat loss phase and how to implement them.

What exactly is reverse dieting, Metabolic adaptation from dieting, and how to reverse diet.

Understanding supplements and detailed supplementation information & recommendations.


How to be successful, fit tips, and day to day practices.  

Education on the importance of creating a healthy & positive mindset throughout the process.

FAQ (frequently asked questions) page including information about meal timing, exercise substitutes, cardio dosage, when is the appropriate time to reverse diet etc.

And more!

*NOTE: This program does not include coaching & check-ins*

What you will need?

A fully equipped gym with free weight dumbbells and barbells.

Booty Resistance bands with varying resistance (these can be purchased on amazon, or on our website (currently sold out)

A food scale/ measuring cups (can be purchased at Walmart, Target, or on amazon)

Take a look inside Week 1

Over 12 weeks you’ll go through 5 phases, with structured workouts to follow 5 days a week. We’ve chosen exercises, rep ranges and intensity levels to guarantee you build muscle and enhance the beauty and power of your natural physique.

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Exercise list

- B.B. Squat
- B.B. RDL
- Push Press
- Narrow Grip Pull Up
- B.B. Bench Press
- Bar Preacher Curl
- D.B. Skull Crusher

Exercise list

- Cable Reverse Fly
- D.B. Side Raise
- D.B. Shoulder Press
- S.A. Cable Side Raise
- Cable Upright Row
- S.A. Tricep Pull Down

Exercise list

- Lying Hamstring Curl
- B.B. RDL
- B.B. Hip Thrust
- D.B. Sumo Squat
- D.B. S.L. RDL
- Seated Calf Machine
- D.B. Butterfly Bridge

Exercise list

- Cable Lat Pull Down
- B.B. B.O. Row
- Supinated Cable Row
- Cable S.A. Row
- Rear Delt Pec Deck Machine
- Bicep Curl Machine
- EZ Bar Cable Curl
- D.B. Side Raise

Exercise list

- B.B. Hip Thrust
- B.B. Reverse Lunge
- S.A. D.B. Row
- Standing Calf Machine
- D.B. Side Raise
- Dips
- Decline Leg Raise
- Bird Dog

Exercise list

D.B. B.O. Reverse Fly
- Standing B.B Military Press
- D.B. Side Raise
- S.A. Cable Front Raise
- Cable Tricep Push Down
- Wide Tricep Pull Down
- Dips on Bench

See what our community has to say...

I have come so far in 3 years. I never thought that I would be able to lift what I currently do. Guys this is just a reminder to always believe in yourself and to try to exceed every single goal that you set. You will bee so proud of yourselfOmg thank you! It means so much! 😘 love you girls! Your program has helped me so much and honestly after following you for a long time it inspired me last year to get my CPT. It’s honestly changed my life. Thank you for the inspiration!! 💜💜


First I want to thank you for building this program. I have been on my fitness journey for the past 6 years and although I have made great progress on my own, these last three months have given me a better understanding of what I need to do to attain the resultsI have craved for the past few years. I have also seen changes in my body composition thatI never thought was possible. We are trained to restrict carbs and fats. I’ve always been afraid of them. I have never had a clearer understanding of what I am consuming. I feel alive,I feel energetic and the results are rolling in.

Vanessa G.

I'm 10 weeks in and have 2 weeks left on this cut and I DID THE DAMN THING. I'm proud of me and so thankful for all the supportI've had along the way.Keep pushing everyday to reach your goals and YOU WILL achieve them

Summer D.

I LOVED the cutting program because I was never able to get that lean on my own..  I went from 27% body fat to 22% in those 12 weeks and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL


Currently doing it and am loving my results so far! I am seeing more definition and toning!


Love the slow cut & keeps you accountable. Love all the workouts.


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