Strong Lean Build



12 Weeks
Intermediate/ Advanced
Increase total body strength and build muscle

Training Split:
  • Lower Push
  • Upper Push
  • Lower Pull
  • Upper Pull
  • Full Lower
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What's included?


12 weeks of training, using a strategic periodized “Power Building” Method.

Learn the importance of a structured training program and the purpose of each training block.

Learn why muscle and strength gains are so important for overall improvement in body composition.

Includes video demonstrations for each exercise.


What are macro nutrients and understanding the importance they play in reaching your physical and performance goals.

Detailed instructions on how to determine, and calculate your own macronutrients. This will be based on YOUR body type, exercise history, personal food preferences, etc.

What exactly is Reverse Dieting, Metabolic Adaptation from dieting, and how to Reverse Diet.

Understanding supplements and detailed supplementation information & Recommendations.


How to be successful, fit tips, and day to day practices.  

FAQ (frequently asked questions) page including information about meal timing, exercise substitutes, cardio dosage, when is the appropriate time to reverse diet etc.

And more!

*NOTE: This program does not include coaching & check-ins*

What you will need?

A fully equipped gym with free weight dumbbells and barbells.

Booty Resistance bands with varying resistance (these can be purchased on amazon, or on our website (currently sold out)

A food scale/ measuring cups (can be purchased at Walmart, Target, or on amazon)

Take a look inside Week 1

Over 12 weeks you’ll go through 5 phases, with structured workouts to follow 5 days a week. We’ve chosen exercises, rep ranges and intensity levels to guarantee you build muscle and enhance the beauty and power of your natural physique.

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Exercise list

- B. B. Squat
- D. B. Step Up
- D. B. Bulgarian Split Squat
- Banded Abduction

Exercise list

- Standing B.B Military Press
B.B. Bench Press
Incline D.B. Chest Press
Incline D.B. Supinated Fly
D.B. Side Raise
D.B. Alternating Front Raise
D.B. B.O. Reverse Fly
Core Circuit - Dead Bugs - S.B. V - Up - Plank Rotation

Exercise list

- B.B. Hip Thrust
- K.B. Swings
- GHD - Reverse Hyper
- D.B. Butterfly Bridge

Exercise list

- B.B. B.O. Row
- S.A. D.B. Row
- Cable Lat Pull Down
- Cable Serratus Row
- Seated Cable Low Row
- TRX Row
- Hanging Knee Tuck
- Hanging Leg Raise

Exercise list

- B.B. Sumo Deadlift
- D.B. RDL
- B.B. Goodmorning
- Lying Hamstring Curl

See what our community has to say...

This program is AMAZING! I am on week 2 just starting hypertrophy and went to increase my calories more. I got my body measurements done the other day and my body fat percentage dropped 3% while my skeletal muscle went up to 3 lbs. I can't wait to see the end results!!!


Honestly, I've never felt better! Having this program to hold me accountable has PUSHED me past my limits. It's the first time I've truly lifted heavy in my life and I'm seeing allllll da results! So thankful for you guys! <3


I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Strong lean build program! I am in the last week and my squat is 10kg (22 pounds) heavier than week 1!!! My glutes are noticeably bigger and my quads have increased 3 cm in circumference. Forever grateful for what this program has taught me about my mind and body.


Uh INCREDIBLE…Idk how I got so strong DEADASS, I was rack pulling 2 plates and my boyfriend looked at me and asked what you guys put in your program…
Honestly people have been saying my glutes are noticeably bigger and I feel strong AF.
My arms are shredded out too.
10/10 you guys!


Starting Calories: 1200 & now at 2200...It’s changed my way of reps & sets. And needing to eat more calories to see the best results...My legs have always been weak & now they are building muscle and I feel so much more confident....It helped me more than any program I’ve been on. It helped me see that I can control the way I eat with macros instead of intuitively eating (under eating)....I am currently 5 weeks into this program for my second time. And I am LOVING it.


Staring the strong lean build program right after the cut felt like the perfect transition into keeping a lean body while simultaneously growing lean muscle. I was able to keep up my strength for the most part during the cut, but I was excited to start eating again. With strong lean build, it was amazing to watch my strength grow as the calories grew.  I felt more energized, I had better recovery times, and I was able to push more weight/perform longer and more intense sessions.


This is my third time completing the entire 12 week program and I love it!! 💕


Amazing made me fall in love with training all over again 🥺😍


Doing it currently. Love how it pushes me and the RPE for each set is extremely useful.


So great! did it after my cut great for reverse dieting built muscle & strength was still lean


Only 3 weeks in but killer leg workouts that leave me the best kind of sore 😍


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